Digital File Delivery

Information on downloading files should arrive in your inbox within 2 hours, please check your spam folder for the email. Alternatively, you can access files from your purchase history via your account page. Due to their extreme size I use Zip compression. If you are purchasing from a tablet or smartphone you will need a separate file utility app in order to extract these files.

File Storage

We remove products from time to time, so please download your purchases immediately and be sure to keep copies of them in a safe place. Due to the volume of orders and amount of files we generate, we are not able to store copies of your files. If you lose them at a later point in time we apologize, but we won’t be able to replace them for you. Google Drive offers free storage, or you can stick them in a safe place in your email account, like an “Important Documents” folder.

Digital File Refunds

I am a big proponent for customer service so I’ll do whatever I can to see that you are satisfied…blissed out like a kitten sleeping in the sunshine. But customer service takes two, so we have to work together to find happiness for you.

If for any reason you are unhappy with a design’s quality, communicate with me and I can arrange to make the necessary revisions according to the product you purchase.

If you have run into a problem with the downloading, editing or printing of a file please let me know and I will be happy to walk you through the process.

If you are completely miserable with your purchase convo me and I will give you a refund in accordance with my money back guarantee.

Support Terms

For products that include support, (ex. blog templates when specified in the description), the support covers issues for the template or add-ons purchased as they are only. General technical issues, platform specific issues or installation issues beyond the scope of products and services purchased are not covered, as well as any issues arising from the client’s modifications of the template or add-ons source code.

Installation support for templates, gadgets and other add-ons are available for an additional charge, please contact for details.

All Rights Reserved

The designer retain all rights to the designs created by and sold by them. Designs cannot be reproduced for anything other than the original purchase (ex. a Business Card cannot be scanned and printed as an advertisement in a magazine) without prior approval. If you would like to purchase full rights to a design please contact the creator directly. Designs cannot be used by other designers to create other items (ex. having a banner made to match the Business Card) without prior approval.

You may not use blog template elements outside of the template (ex. headers, backgrounds or social icons on other websites, etc.) or etsy shop sets outside of etsy and they may not be reworked into other designs like Facebook headers. Please contact the creators for information on having other items created from these designs.

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