Faire.li makes it easy to sell your own digital products like printable invitations, planners, home based business tools, gifts and decorations.

  • The Tools You Need. From tracking sales and orders to growing business,you’ll find it all here as a seller on Faire.li.
  • Live the Life You Love. Digital Products are generally a passive income stream: create and build your business on your own time.
  • Start Your Business for Free. Opening your shop doesn’t cost a thing and there are no listing fees, there is absolutely no reason not to try your hand as a Seller on Faire.li!
  • Instant File Delivery to Customers. Leave the product delivery to us when you receive orders so you can focus on what you do best: creating!
  • Set Your Own Prices. You choose what your products sell for from day one and change their prices anytime you need and keep 70% of product sales.
  • Make the Most of Your Time. An hour is valuable: spend it on a client and get paid once or create a product you can sell over & over for years to come. Invest your time instead of selling it.

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What Digital Products Can You Sell?

Printables & Templates. Sell products that buyers can just download and print, digital products they can use online or templates they can add their own information to using their favorite programs like office suites, PDFs, Adobe Products, GIMP and online editors like Canva.com!

Original Designs. You can sell any original design that you created personally. Double check that you can use any elements in your design you did not create personally. Fonts, backgrounds & clipart may have special licensing required for use in products for sale.

Swoony Styles. Look at your favorite shops and sites for inspiration on current trends, like Pinterest! Styles like chalkboards, hand drawn fonts and elements, watercolor, kraft paper and colorful, clean designs are in style. Things like this, not so much.[/nm_feature]

What Digital Products Can You NOT Sell?

Licensed Characters. We love Mickey, Creepers and Sophia, but those guys’ parent companies require you to pay them money for permission to use their likeness on your designs, called a License. If you have a license to use another’s brand on a design: awesome! Just shoot us an email before posting the product letting us know.

Physical Items & Media. There are lots of places online that you can sell media files  (video and music) and physical products requiring shipping. They’re not really the spirit of what we set up PoG to be, which is eco-friendly alternatives to the status quo. Print what you need: no wasted trees, no wasted gas in shipping, no unused/unsold products in the trash.

Other’s IP. Products that infringe on other designers’ Intellectual Property Rights are not allowed, so triple check those permissions on fonts and design elements you find online. I know and I’m super sorry, but if the shoe was on the other foot and someone was making money off of your stuff without permission it would suck. Golden Rule.

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