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The tools you need.
From tracking sales and orders to growing business: you’ll find it all here as a seller on Faire.li.

Live the life you love.
Digital Products are generally a passive income stream: create and build your business on your own time.

Start your business for free.
No shop opening fees. No listing fees. No reason not to try your hand as a seller on Faire.li!

Instant file delivery to customers.
Leave the product delivery to us when you receive orders so you can focus on what you do best: creating!

Set your own prices.
You choose what your products sell for. Feel free to change their prices anytime you need.

Make the most of your time.
An hour is valuable: sell it to a client once or invest it in a product that people can buy year after year.

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Selling on Faire.li is simple, affordable and secure.

Keep 70% of each sale.

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Track sales, trending products and more from your dashboard. See visual graphs of sales trends and which products are most popular to help you decide what kind of products to add more of.

Schedule Sales & Coupons

Promote your products with sales and coupons. Save time by scheduling sales that start and end automatically. Track where users come from by providing unlimited unique coupon codes.

Messaging Support System

Answer questions about your products, coordinate customization (if you offer it), and arrange for bespoke designs. Site conversations allow customers to contact you directly.

Customer Relations

Once a customer has already fallen in love with your products, keep them engaged with your brand by staying in contact. Access your customer’s contact details to send follow up emails or even hand written notes.

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